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本文摘要:陈安,奇纳-on a smoggy afternoon,Huge log Carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill中国济南——一个雾霾天下午,运送木材的大型卡车和油轮沿着高速公路隆隆地从山脚的急转弯处呼啸而过。车流和旁边的山沟之间只隔着没有修整过的护栏。


陈安,奇纳-on a smoggy afternoon,Huge log Carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill中国济南——一个雾霾天下午,运送木材的大型卡车和油轮沿着高速公路隆隆地从山脚的急转弯处呼啸而过。车流和旁边的山沟之间只隔着没有修整过的护栏。

the route could make for tough driving under any conditions。but experts are watching it for one feature in particular : the highway curve is PS,但是专家们正在监视道路的明确部位。

高速公路的急转弯处铺着太阳能电池板。“if it can pass this test,It can fit all conditions”said Li Wu,the chairman of Shandong pav energy,The company that made the“通过这一部分的测试,就能适应环境的各种条件。

”山东光室能源如果他的产品运营良好,将对可再生能源领域产生根本性影响,对驾驶员体验不会产生太大影响。The experiment is The latest sign of China ' s desire to innovate in,and dominate,The increasingly lucrative and strategically importancethe potential appeal of solar roads-modified solar panels that are installed in place of asphalt-is clear . gene rating electricity from strom不是在充满太阳能电池板的田野和沙漠,而是在高速公路和街道上发电,可以节约大量土地。这些优势在人口多、能源需求增长迅速的中国尤为重要。because roads run through and around cities,The electricity could be used practically next door to where it is generated . that means virtually nnand the land is essentially free,Because roads are needed anyway . roads must be resurfaced every few years at great cost,so the installation而且土地基本上是免费的。

因为道路总是必不可少的道路间隔需要重新铺设几年的道路,如果设置费用高、轻便的太阳能电池板,道路确保费用也将减少。solar roads could also change the driving experience . electric heating strips can melt snow that falls on them . light-emitting diodes Urface caace太阳能道路也可以改变驾驶员的体验。全热带可以融化掉在路面上的雪。

金字电池板表面的发光二极管可以显示闪烁的标记,引导司机离开出口,并警告他们注意道路施工和其他交通危险。Now,such roads are finally becoming viable . prices have fallen drastically in recent years-thanks in large part to soaring Chinese price Aroad builders in China even want to design solar roads that can wirelessly recharge electric Cars running on them,emulating a recent American现在这种道路又一次实用了。


China ' s leaders In solar road development are pav energy and Qilu transportation . the two companies are working together here In Jinan,in solarThe surface of these panels,made of a complex polymer that resembles plastic,has slightly more friction than a conventional road surface access参与上海同济大学交通、光室、能源电池板包装开发的张鸿超表示,在生产过程中,可以根据需要调整表面摩擦力,使这条路的轮胎抓力水平与沥青路面完全相同。The location of the solar road here,on a long curve at the bottom of a hill,Was not pav energy ' s first choice . the site Was chosen because of if被选为这里是因为这附近的变电站保证了发展需要讲师资格。中国正在全国各地新建太阳能和风能发电站,速度太快,一些接近变电站的发电项目有时需要推迟几年才能有力地发射。


the main western rival to pav energy and Qilu is colas,A French road-building giant that Has developed 25 experimental solar roads and parkis moss仅次于可乐的太阳能项目是一年半前投入诺曼底的乡村道路,表面积仅为济南新建太阳能道路的一半。出于安全考虑,可乐仍然不愿意将太阳能电池板安装在与中国这条道路相似的高速公路上。张红超说这个电池板很安全。

Still,a litany of outstanding challenges means the wide deployment of solar roads is a long way off .但是一系列问题指出,太阳能道路离大范围的路面还有很长的路要走。For one,they are less efficient than rooftop solar panels at converting the sun ' s light into electricity . they lie flat,And are intermittentsolar roads are also more expensive than asphalt . it costs about $ 120 a sqUaremeter,orabout $ 11a square foot,to resurface and repair an Asphalt Road Each Decade . by Comparison,Pav能源和colas hope太阳能道路也比沥青道路好。每隔10年,新铺设和维修沥青大约每平方米120美元。

相比之下,光室能源和可乐希望在大规模生产时,太阳能道路的成本能从每平方米310美元降至460美元。panels on a highway would likely need to be replaced less often than asphalt,Professor Zhang said . and a solar road can produce about $ 15 a year张洪超表示,高速公路的电池板更换可能不像沥青路面那么频繁。道路的电池板每年能产生约15美元的电力,每平方米。

因此,与沥青相比,电池板需要抵消约15年的费用。less clear is whether the panels would be able to take the pounding of millions of tires each year for more than a decade,Or whether they might be stool但是,这些电池板能否经受住逆产10多年,每年数百万次的车轮滚轴,还是不拿走,并不是很好。

several square feet of solar panels disappeared less than a week after they were installed here in late December,Raising worries of theft or evenLocal police officers,facing criticism for not providing better security,Said that the panels must have been crushed into tiny pieces and当地警方回应了治安不良的指责,没有评论光室能源反应。In the United States,installing solar roads is more complicated。在美国,铺设太阳能道路是一个更难的问题。

with the exception of some bridges and sections of interstate high ways,American roads tend to be built with A lot of asphalt,But with less coore德克萨斯大学交通工程教授卡拉m科克曼(Kara M. Kockelman)表示,除了部分桥梁和州际高速公路外,The problem with asphalt is that it compresses slightly under The weight of trucks . The blue silicon但是有了刀柄,像纸一样厚的硅芯片就不会像薄糖果一样倒下。(在中国,高速公路上铺着厚厚的混凝土路基,这不是太大的问题。

)still,executives here are hopeful . they say that the technology is ready and that they are not concerned even by the complications of Ames他们表示技术已经“if conditions permit,”Xu chunfu,Qilu's chairman,said,“I would like to build a solar road in the United States”.。