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本文摘要:how do journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives?


how do journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives?Jacqui cheng,editor in chief of the wire cutter,the product re commendations site owned by the new York times,discussed the tech sheyou test all sorts of hardware to recommend only the best products that people should buy . what are the absolute best pieces of tech that every one SSE你是五颜六色的这样只能推荐要卖给人们的最坏的产品。今天,属于每个人都应该享受的,即最高级的技术项目是什么?let me say that wire cutter has never been about promoting consumerism-we ' re about buying the right things to fit your life and will last you a So我想说的是,Wirecutter的目标并不是鼓吹消费主义,而是销售适合你的生活,即使如此,如果你是有钱人,有市场需求,你的生活也有需要出色地改善的地方。

(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,财富)Those include some kind of USB battery pack that can be plugged into smart phones,E-book devices或quite literally他们还包括可以终端智能手机、电子书设备的USB电池组,如果有兼容USB-C的MacBook,USB-C电池就更不好了,因为它可以关闭电脑和其他设备。在一些交通事故状态下,这种电池也不会那么简单。

例如,在酒吧里,如果手机不能通电或户外野餐4日到——,则手机上的GPS可能需要保持激活状态。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)There ' s also a bluetooth tracker for your keys,电子钱包或any other item that you can never findthis is probably a little bit of a luxury,But ive seen so many people ' s lives improve by using one of these things。还有蓝牙追踪器,可以用来在钥匙、钱包或使用时找到几乎所有的东西。

这可能有点豪华,但我亲眼目睹了很多人的生活,因为这些东西得到了提高的例子。what are the most important tech tools to do your job running the wire cutter?What could be better about them?你运营The Wirecutter的工作中最重要的技术工具是什么?他们以后可以改善哪些方面?I have an early 2015 MacBook Pro,Which we actually still recommend for people who need " legacy " ports(Which I often do)。

as a long time macbook air fan,I ' ll always wish for any laptop computer to be lighter and thinner。我有2015年初出厂的MacBook Pro。本质上,我们不会向仍然需要“传统”模块的人(例如我)推荐这台电脑。

作为MacBook Air的老粉,我总是期待所有的笔记本电脑变得更重更厚。On the flip side,Battery life seems to be something we can ' t quite get comfortable with-apple ' s macbook pros enjoyed many years of grears另一方面,电池寿命可能是我们太失望的地方。Apple MacBook Pro的电池寿命可能会延长几年,但最近2017年可能会经常发生相当严重的经济衰退。

像我电脑这样的旧电池寿命本质上可能比改编的MacBook Pro长得多。这对我是好事,但又越强求,新的就越厚。

another important tool is the anker power core 20100 . it ' s our re commendation for people who need more power。(it will fully charge yow Y day for a week before it needs recharging)。

)the only downside is that this is not a small battery。另一个最重要的工具是Anker PowerCore 20100。这也是我们对电力市场需求少的人的推荐。

(每天智能手机充满后,一周后还要再给电池充电。)唯一的缺点是它不是小电池。If I'm working from home,my uplift standing desk(one of our re commendations for standing desks over at wire cutter)has been a life save在家工作时,我的Uplift双足书桌(Wirecutter推荐的双足书桌)15年来,我只能依靠我的身体,对我灵魂有利的普通家庭办公室家具也只能凑合。

(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,信不信由你)我知道负罪感没有卖掉两只脚的桌子。它不仅仅是让你仍然需要在车站(研究表明,仍然站在车站对人的身体也不好),这种桌子调节得很好,随时可以调节到你需要的任何高度。smart phone prices areclimbing . the new Samsung galaxy note 8 will cost nearly $ 1,000,And a premium version of apple ' s iphone 8 is set to all智能手机价格上涨。新款三星(Samsung)Galaxy Note 8(Galaxy Note 8)的价格预计将接近1000美元,苹果的低配版Iphone 8价格很有可能非常高。

人们知道要花这么多钱来卖智能手机吗?no . don ' t get me wrong-I ' m a huge nerd,so I love this stuff,but those phones are really about being on the bleeding edge of stuff不要误会我我是超级发烧友。所以我不喜欢这样,但卖这种电话不是为了回到任何高级消费技术发展的前沿。

For a lot of people,What ' s important is going to be ease of use(which includes whether all your purchased apps And media are already on one PE)buy the thing that fits your real-world needs。对很多人来说,最重要的是使用方便,销售符合现实生活中市场需求的产品。

Outside work,what gadget are you currently obsessed with using in your daily life?除了工作之外,你现在不喜欢在日常生活中使用什么?This is going to sound weird,But my partner and I have been completely obsessed with the nest outdoor camera(which wire cutter recommends)I'm from Illinois,And I originally set one up to help some family keep an eye out for deliveries . but after watching it for a few weeks,I 've听起来并不奇怪。我和我的伙伴对Nest Outdoor很着迷,我来自伊利诺伊州,最初安装摄像头是为了给老大的家人注意租车。但是仔细观察了几周后,我意识到它是实际的“家庭”自然照相机的事实的娱乐价值。

我在网上看了几周负鼠、浣熊、狐狸、野兔和其他未知夜间生物出国的真人秀,显然停不下来。I also keep going more down the rabbit hole on recording string duets and ensembles,plus some fiddle and folk music,With myself using a Yamahaviolin when I bought it)and an iPhone。还有更鬼的。


我用的是Yamaha SV-200电子小提琴,非常简单的USB音频接口(卖小提琴的时候是Apogee Jam 96k)。I'm just an amateur messing around,But this is a real " we live in the future " moment when I think about how easy it is to do my own recording我只是一个开玩笑的门外汉,但一想到自己可以很容易地录音,并传播到YouTube或Soundcloud,很多网民听到的时候就会知道?消费者预期改变的最糟糕的购物习惯是什么?buying something you didn ' t need or weren ' t previously planning to purchase,Just because it ' s marked as being a deal . marketing has realmeting有特价标签,意味着没有必要或以前想卖的东西。营销知道不会有更多的人,让他们知道自己生活中该买什么,想买什么,不能愚蠢地与闪闪发光的特价品牌区分开来。

(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,)As we ' ve said many times at wire cutter,Most alleged " deals " are not good for various reasons . some times the(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、商品名言)或者有时制造商操纵库存信息,被骗卖与你想卖的不同的商品。When you're deal hunting,my advice has always been : know which items you ' relooking for and what they generally cost . then you ' relooking在找特价商品时,我的建议是经常告诉你在找什么,一般的价格。